Meet the member: Ali Knight

Meet Ali Knight, of Ali Knight Coaching. Ali, what made you start your own business?

I worked for years in the NHS and charity sector as a mental health nurse and service development manager, and became increasingly disenchanted and frustrated with having to work in a limited way with people who needed more support than the funding allowed us to give. I really wanted to work with WHOLE people, not just parts of them!

And so I felt a pull towards holistic modalities and retrained as a clinical reflexologist and set up a thriving practice.

But still, I felt there was more I could do. I began to notice that my clients were benefiting not only from the reflexology treatments they were receiving but that around 90% of them were also engaging in coaching conversations with me. And so my return to coaching and the growth of my coaching business was born! It felt intuitively the right direction and I haven’t looked back.

What do you enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur?

I love being an entrepreneur because I can live and work in integrity with my values and make conscious choices about the ways in which I support people, the way in which I run my business and the time and energy I spend on all areas of my life.

I passionately adore the connection I get to create with my clients – whether in 1-2-1, group or retreat settings. Being able to really see, hear and be alongside people on their journey is a humbling and privileged experience.

Who or what helps you to stay organised?

I tend to be self-directed with this (and yes, its challenging at times!). I’ve learned along the way through some epic fails around structure and boundaries, and found that when I am tuned in and connected within (through my daily practices for me first and foremost), the organisation comes more easily and naturally.

I also love groups like the OEC and I surround myself with people who are like-souled and can offer insight and guidance when asked. Finance Fridays with Caroline, for example, are a game changer for me!

Rank these 5 business activities in the order that you find them the most enjoyable

1. Business Planning

2. Putting plans into action

3. Admin

4. Finances

5. Marketing

What do you enjoy most about being a member of The OEC?

The collaboration, mutual support, inspiration and wide range of businesses and business owners. I genuinely think it’s a fabulously rich breeding ground for collective growth and knowing we’re not alone on our business journey.

How has being a member of The OEC helped with your confidence in business?

I am relatively new to the group, and so far have enjoyed the FB posts – both giving and receiving support and cheerleading others! I love the wide range of events we can get involved in, and the structured reminders too (such as Friday wins, finance Fridays). I also love the differences between us all. I welcome the learning I absorb by hearing about other’s wins, challenges and ways of running their businesses. I find the group really supportive and very inspiring.

What is your top tip for maintaining a healthy business mindset?

Self-care, self-compassion, self-love, self-kindness – before EVERYTHING else!! If we can honour our own needs as individual humans who also run a business then we get to find the clarity, methods and support we need to be brilliant entrepreneurs.

How do you help your clients?

I’m an intuitive soul coach, passionate about helping people know and live their Truth, so they get to journey through life in an aligned way that lights them up!

I’m an intuitive soul coach, guided to work with people who want to tune in to their inner Truth and live in alignment with who they are.

I’m deeply passionate about helping people to unapologetically create a life they love, to step fully into their truth, and to show up for themselves with the same love and compassion as they do for others.

I’m an expert in helping clients reach down to the roots of their inner world, heal any challenges that have brought them to this point, and take the inspired action needed to become the very person they most want to be.

I love nothing more than encouraging you to step out of the shadows where you were feeling lost, anxious, full of self-doubt and wracked with uncertainty, towards an empowered life lived consciously on purpose.

I offer 1-2-1 coaching, group programmes, workshops and retreats and bring a truly blended approach (including empowerment coaching, energy healing, spiritual attunement, and NLP, Timeline Therapy®️, and Hypnotherapy). I also founded and run the Soulful Living Membership – a space for tuning in and connecting to Soul, Source and Truth.

What have been your biggest business wins over the last 12 months?

I’ve had a deliberately quieter 12 months after recognising some burnout, a huge life transition and a need to sloooow down! This has been both uncomfortable and enlightening in equal measure.

My biggest wins have been an article about friendly divorce in Good Housekeeping, running two incredible soul-based retreats, running my soul-based business growth programme and continuing to offer incredible value and support in my membership, and taking time to really rest, grow and heal, so I can elevate my offerings to those who feel the pull.

2023 will be a different year for me! Focused, intentional and resolutely connected within so that what comes ‘out’ is incredibly empowering for anyone who chooses to join me. It’s already begun!

Who are you looking to work with and how can people get in touch?

I’m looking to work with people who sense a need for change. Who know that there is more to life than the way they’re currently experiencing it.

I’m passionate about supporting people to step out of their conditioning and into their Truth – that means anyone who’s feeling stuck, disillusioned, dissatisfied, disempowered or disconnected. This can look like feeling small, anxious, uncertain, lacking in confidence, like they don’t belong, or that they simply don’t know which way to turn. It can also look like wanting support around big life transitions such as divorce, changing career or navigating tough times.

Potential clients of mine need to know I’m a witch and a Truth seeker! Connecting to the deepest most treasured parts of ourselves is the only way to live fully and completely. And that need for soul connection is in every single one of us. Allowing ourselves to fully own our dreams, desires, gifts *and* shadows is the very definition of freedom and joy.

You can find me here!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

I own a boat, love fishing and I’m most at peace when out or in the water (preferably the sea!)

Ali is speaking at our networking event in April which is open to everyone, OEC members and non-members alike. Find all the details and book your ticket here!

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