Meet The Member: Emma Boyle

Meet Emma Boyle, of Emma Boyle Photography. Emma, what made you start your own business?

I was working in law when I first picked up a professional camera – what started as a hobby quickly turned into a full time job. I took the plunge and left my 18 year career to pursue my photography business and never looked back. I started with family and wedding photography when my boys were young, then soon realised I wanted my weekends back as the boys were in school in the week. I had always done a little bit of commercial work and did my first branding photography shoot in 2019 and absolutely loved it. I was still able to work with lovely people and be creative. I did my last wedding in 2020 and went fully into commercial/branding photography.

What do you enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur?

Being able to set my own hours, I can work around my family and I have the best work life balance I could ever have imagined.

Who or what helps you to stay organised?

Organisation is my biggest issue, but I have now learnt to seek help when required. I use Clear Day for my mailing list and occasionally other marketing materials else otherwise it would never get done.

Rank these 5 business activities in the order that you find them the most enjoyable:

1. Putting plans into action

2. Business planning

3. Marketing

4. Admin

5. Finances

What do you enjoy most about being a member of The OEC?

The support is amazing and it feels like I still have co-workers despite working on my own. No matter what you need assistance with the OEC is there to help and guide you in the right direction.

How has being a member of The OEC helped with your confidence in business?

The OEC makes me realise that I am good at what I do, they support me by recommending me to others and also they are there even if you have the most stupid question or need a shoulder to cry on at times.

What is your top tip for maintaining a healthy business mindset?

Having a solid network of people around you and having a good work/life balance.

How do you help your clients?

I help business owners show up on social media/marketing with on-brand professional images. I give them the confidence to elevate their business and stand out from the crowd and be able to shout about how amazing they are.

What have been your biggest business wins over the last 12 months?

Hitting my financial goals.

Who are you looking to work with and how can people get in touch?

I love to work with business owners who are ready to invest in their business and elevate. You can contact me on Instagram or email or a good old telephone call – 07703 773 701.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I used to be a Morris Dancer!

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