meet the member: lisa clennell

Meet Lisa Clennell, of Your Happy Customer. Lisa, what made you start your own business?

My Megan! I went on mat leave, my job ceased to exist and I was offered an alternative – or a new adventure which I knew would balance better with family life and be an exciting new world…I’m so pleased I embarked on the own business route.

What do you enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur?

The flexibility – I can design my days. The honesty – I’m doing something that I really believe in! And the people – I’ve met some fabulous friends along the way.

Who or what helps you to stay organised?

I write stuff down…and a nice pen helps! Love a diary, and I’m slowly but surely getting to grips with technology.

Rank these 5 business activities in the order that you find them the most enjoyable:


2.Business planning

3.Putting plans into action



What do you enjoy most about being a member of The OEC?

There are so many people sharing successes (which is inspirational) and struggles (which is encouraging) and everyone is so open to help each other. It’s a lovely community and lots of fun to be part of.

How has being a member of The OEC helped with your confidence in business?

Learning from others – sharing experiences and examples. Giving me some structure and accountability…basically showing me how to believe in myself and my business.

What is your top tip for maintaining a healthy business mindset?

Remember you are helping someone to get where they want to go – whatever strategy in place, it’s usually just showing the way and then hand-holding…and keep track of all your little wins, you will need the encouragement when things get tough.

How do you help your clients?

My work focuses on customer relationship building processes to ensure clients have an amazing experience working with your business – and tell everyone how wonderful you are! It’s a simple but powerful way of marketing your business, kind of working inside out and organically, so we not only make sure your best clients stay with you, but also attract more of the same.

What have been your biggest business wins over the last 12 months?

Pulling my ‘Love your customers…build your business’ programme together – so I have a structured way to work with clients, rather than just trying to download everything in my brain!

Who are you looking to work with and how can people get in touch?

Professional services businesses who already have a customer base but have capacity to grow – and who want to be known for their clients having an amazing experience! You can get in touch via my website.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I’m really good at hula-hopping…seriously!

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