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Welcome to Week 2 of our 2023 Summer Showcase event, showcasing some of the members of The Organised Entrepreneurs Club and how they can help you in your life and in your business.

This week we are focusing on your marketing, and the different professionals that you can reach out to for expertise, training and support.

Marketing can feel like an overwhelming term, but really it’s just telling people about what you do and helping them to understand why they would want to work with you. Let’s introduce you to the people who can help…


Amy helps creative female founders who want to take their business to the next level. They want to increase their audience, bring in more leads, more dream clients, raise prices and make more money!


Clare uses social media ads to help brands access their ideal audience. Through training, support sessions, audits and fully managed ad campaigns, Clare makes sure businesses are making the most of the opportunities available to them through paid social.


Emma helps independent business owners to show up in their business, with bespoke on-brand images.


Fiona helps people who want to increase their profile and reach a wider audience through podcasting and she makes it fun, easy and rewarding.


Jenny helps mostly female business owners who know their ideal client or customer is on Instagram but the current methods they are using just aren’t working at getting the leads or sales they need.


Lisa supports established service businesses with retention, repeat business and reputation by building amazing customer relationship marketing strategies.


Lisa helps busy entrepreneurs and business owners to set up and maintain successful and well-managed podcasts. She loves to help verbally confident people who have bags of ideas, but get stressed with the tech, the faff and thinking about all the bits behind the scenes with a podcast.


Sam helps women who run their own businesses and generally wear all the hats. It’s time for them to start handing over the elements that don’t bring them joy or take up too much of their time. Sam takes care of all their copy needs, freeing up their time and headspace to get on with the business of making more money.


Sam helps small business-owners with their social media. She provides down-to-earth and pragmatic solutions for those who do not have the time or the inclination to do their own content.


Vanisha helps business owners, mainly product based, that don’t have time to post across their social media platforms. They don’t have enough time and need Vanisha to make sure consistent content is being created and posted for them. Content that is engaging, relatable and enables them to get those results they want, like getting more sales through social media.


Vicky helps SMEs with those everyday design tasks. They spend hours trying to design something themselves and never 100% happy with the outcome, or it’s not consistent with their brand and it takes them away from running the business. Anyone in business that doesn’t have a design team in-house, Vicky becomes an extension to their business but without the overheads!

You can click on their names above to find out more about these wonderful women. Vanisha says I have been supporting my amazing clients since 2016 and have worked with a number of clients, I genuinely LOVE what I do and am so passionate about helping clients to get the most out of social media. That passion is echoed by Amy, who creates feel-good branding: “I believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered in their business, they deserve to be seen and I believe that brilliant, clever & gorgeous design is one of THE factors and triggers to help them achieve this and show the world who they are.”

Amy goes on to explain that “I work with you using my strategic creative process. This means that I won’t just disappear, create a logo, and hope to god that you like it. That won’t happen with me. My branding process ensures that we are on the right track at every stage of the design process. We cover competitor research, mood boards, and design concepts as well as lots of other juicy bits! I want you to be totally in love with your brand. I know how passionate us business owners are and we need that to shine through in your brand identity! Working with me will be a passion project, it will be a feast for the eyes and will leave you totally excited to start elevating your business!”

All of these women love to talk about what they do, and Lisa Clennell confirms that she is “very happy to provide examples and evidence of how customer experience strategies have worked for other clients! and I’m available for any opportunities to talk about the benefits of a good customer experience strategy and the impact this can have on your business.”

Vicky explains that “I can see your project right through from start to finish. From initial brief, design, proofing and print. I take the stress out of the whole process.” Continuing the theme of working with you longer term, Sam Brown tells us that “I don’t just come in, take a brief, deliver the work and swan off. I get really stuck in and get involved in your business. While we’re working together I want to be an extension of your team. It does mean I ask a lot of questions! I’m all about collaboration over competition.”

Someone else who wants to become a trusted member of your team is Lisa Curtis, who says “my approach is very much a white glove service. I become my clients’ wing-woman for all their podcast needs. Communication is at the heart of everything I do. I also offer pay as you go video editing services, so for course materials, testimonials, content repurposing etc, I’m here for it!”

Emma wants you to know that “I get it, it does feel horrible thinking about having your picture taken. But I promise you that by the end of the shoot you will wonder what you ever stressed about. The biggest feedback I get is how relaxed they felt.”

Clare says that one of her major objectives is “to demystify digital ads. Ads don’t need to be complicated, and for the few bits that are we are there to help. You can expect us to be friendly and approachable. We have invested in training across multiple platforms so that we can use the best, most up-to-date tools and strategies across the platforms to deliver maximum ROI and build trusted partnerships with customers whose values align with our own.”

Jenny wants you to know that she is qualified in both social media strategy and Instagram training. “I have been in business for 4.5 yrs. I work with both service based and product based businesses.” Sam MacMahon is keen for you to understand that “I’m not going to tell you you should be going on TikTok 7 times a day! I know you are a business-owner and you have your actual job to do so you don’t want to be spending loads of time on social media, especially if you don’t enjoy it! I want to help you make the most of the time you do have and focus on the platforms that can help you and your business.”

Instagram links: Amy Manning Brand Design, With Agency, Emma Boyle Photography, The Podcast Expert, Jenny French Social, Your Happy Customer, LVC Projects, Made Simple by Sam, Sam MacMahon, Make An Impact On Your Social Media, VCM Graphic Design.

Look out for our next Summer Showcase blog when we introduce you to some of the fantastic business owners who can help you in the day-to-day running of your business!

Caroline & Helen
July 2023

The Organised Entrepreneurs Club has been set up by Caroline Boardman and Helen Calvert to bring together our business networks. Everyone in our Facebook group is connected to one or both of our businesses, as we wanted to bring them all together in one place where we could network and share advice.

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