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Welcome to our 2023 Summer Showcase event, showcasing some of the members of The Organised Entrepreneurs Club and how they can help you in your life and in your business.

We are starting with the businesses who can support you in your parenting, because the summer holidays have just begun and we know that parenting will be uppermost in many people’s minds!

Parenting is a journey spanning years, and our featured members can support you from pre-birth to GCSE prep. Let’s introduce you to them…


Sheryl helps those who have experienced perinatal trauma or other trauma and are planning for the birth they deserve. She also helps birth-workers looking to enhance their knowledge and practice in perinatal trauma and trauma informed care.


Lyndsey supports parents via her social media channels, and teaches health, lactation and childcare professionals around the world. She works to educate professionals and families about strategies that are protective of the parent-child bond.


Jenny helps to support families with infant feeding, breastfeeding and often works with families where a baby has a tongue restriction impacting effective feeding.


Jemma helps tired, overwhelmed parents who have children aged 6 and under. Parents who want to parent responsively not follow old fashioned sleep training advice.


Catharine teaches French and Spanish in schools and nurseries across Greater Manchester so parents, teachers, nursery owners and most importantly children need Lingotots in their lives!


Emily helps parents of neurodivergent children. Parents of any age, single, in a couple, or co-parenting with their ex.


Lisa helps parents, nurseries, early years settings and schools by providing award winning language lessons for 0-12 year olds with songs, games, stories, crafts and lots more!


Emma helps young people who are sitting their exams, and adults who have returned to education and need support.

You can click on their names above to find out more about these fantastic women. Emily says “I won’t judge a single thing you say, you, your child, your parenting, your ex, not even your mother in law!” and that is something that so many people who work with parents want you to know. No judgement, only support and solutions. Sheryl says “I care a ridiculous amount, because I honestly can’t think of anything more important.”

All parents themselves, these business owners get what you are going through. Jemma points out that “I’ve probably lived through some of what you’re experiencing so I can truly relate.” What is wonderful about the parent support community is that businesses are rarely operating in isolation, these women have networks of other professionals with whom they work and network. Jemma confirms this: “If I’m not sure of an answer I work with a small network of other coaches who I can consult to get their expertise too.”

Catharine says “I am absolutely passionate about teaching languages to as many children as I can so if your child’s school or nursery isn’t doing it then please ask them why! All children from the age of 7 should be taught languages every week in Primary school and it’s not happening! All of these business owners are so passionate about what they do. Another Lingotot teacher, Lisa adds “We have fun with languages! Children look forward to our lessons each week and we have loads of repeat customers so we must be doing something right!”

Emma wants you to know that “what I do works and will have a huge impact on your child’s education.” All of the women above have testimonials from clients attesting to the incredible impact that they have. So if you think you may need their support, or you know someone who does, please check out their websites or follow them on social media.

Instagram links: Simply Natal, Blissed Out Babies, Jenny Harmer IBCLC, Lyndsey Hookway, Lingotot North Manchester, Get Clarity, Let Go, Lingotot Durham and EK Private Tuition.

Look out for our next Summer Showcase blog when we introduce you to some of our fantastic marketing professionals!

Caroline & Helen
July 2023

The Organised Entrepreneurs Club has been set up by Caroline Boardman and Helen Calvert to bring together our business networks. Everyone in our Facebook group is connected to one or both of our businesses, as we wanted to bring them all together in one place where we could network and share advice.

Whilst the Facebook group remains private, we have so enjoyed the networking and events we have run for the group that we have chosen to offer some events to all business owners! Sign up to our monthly newsletters to make sure you get all of the dates that are available for networking and fun.

We are both known as highly organised, and we love to use that to assist other entrepreneurs. You bring the entrepreneurship, we’ll bring the organisation! Follow us here on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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