Meet the Member: caroline boardman

Meet Caroline Boardman of Caroline Boardman Consulting, who is one of the two business owners who started the OEC. Caroline, what made you start your own business?

I couldn’t see a future that involved me working in a corporate job 12 hour days (even if I had negotiated a day off per week) and missing out on the kids’ school days and how on earth were we going to navigate the 13 weeks of school holidays each year!?

So when I was made redundant in 2018 for my corporate role, just before my youngest was born and my eldest was starting reception… it felt like perfect timing to start my own accountancy practice.

What do you enjoy the most about being an entrepreneur?

The flexibility and being the decision maker.

Who or what helps you to stay organised?

My Clear Day VA Vic and my admin assistant Emily as well as all the software – FreeAgent, Accountancy Manager and Tax Filer.

Rank these 5 business activities in the order that you find them the most enjoyable:

1. Finances

2. Business planning

3. Marketing

4. Putting plans into action

5. Admin

What do you enjoy most about being a member of The OEC?

I love the genuinely supportive nature of everyone in the community, we are each other’s cheerleaders and with such a diverse range of skills members can easily make a dream team for their own business out of the members of the OEC alone.

How has being a member of The OEC helped with your confidence in business?

I love to see my clients working together and referring CBC and each other to their wider networks. Always good for a confidence boost.

What is your top tip for maintaining a healthy business mindset?

Keep on top of your business finances (obviously!) and by that I don’t mean bring in 6 figures or £10k months… I mean know what’s coming in and going out and manage your cash sensibly (however much or little that is).

How do you help your clients?

I am an accountant for small business owners.

I will make sure you are compliant, accounts and tax returns are filed on time but I’ll also help you to understand your own business finances which will help you to be confident to make decisions about investing, selling and outsourcing.

If you have business support needs that I can’t help with, I will, more often than not, know someone who can help. And if I don’t, Helen will!

What have been your biggest business wins over the last 12 months?

My business turning 5!

Who are you looking to work with and how can people get in touch?

Small Business owners who are sick of having a rubbish relationship with their current accountant and are ready to learn more about their own business finances. They can contact me via my website.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself:

I’m half Italian (my Mum’s side) and love to travel, especially around Italy.

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